Thursday, October 24, 2013

the bulls would still have a chance to win the game

Miami Heat Top 10 Plays of the 2013 Season

That Ray Allen three is more CLUTCH but not more ICONIC than MJ's game 6 shot against Utah. Now before someone goes all crazy calling me a fanboy let me explain..... If MJ misses that shot against Utah not only is there time left but even if he did lose there's still a game 7. Ray Allen misses that shot and the season is over. I'm not irrational. I know MJ is still the greatest ever.

your right, to add to that, if mj misses that shot the bulls could have fouled and at worst been down 3, the bulls would still have a chance to win the game, if allen misses the heat would have fouled and been down at worst 5 with under 5 seconds to go, no chance to win really

Vic on October 6 game against the New York Giants

Vic on October 6 game against the New York Giants pulled a leg ligament half , he has been in a coach Chip - Kelly's daily watch list , and on Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game is activated . Before the start of training on Thursday , Kelly said he did not rule out Vick 's game against the Cowboys lineup outside .Wholesale NFL Jerseys

    But after that, he would exclude themselves from Vick Sunday's game at the outside . With outstanding performance last week was named the National League 's best offensive player Nick - Falls (Nick Foles) will be starting the second time this season , but also the eighth time in his career debut . Kelly has been playing for if Vick this week that he will be able to make arrangements to vague . Initially he said that Vick will remain the starter this week, he said he would soon recovered Vick evaluate everything Cheap NFL T Shirt.
    First-time NFL head coach Kelly on Thursday asked whether he believes that a player would lose because of injuries starting position . "I think it depends on the individual situation , " said Kelly .
    Kelly said that the reason why Vick 's game against the Bucs is activated because another quarterback James - Casey can not be played because a groin injury . Casey participated in training this week , so Vick need to be activated in order to determine the day of the game .Cheap NFL Nike Jerseys