Thursday, December 6, 2012

How can I get crayon stains out of jersey material?

How can I get crayon stains out of Wholesale Nike NFL Jersey material?

I found what looked like a crayon wrapper in the dryer. Unfortunately, the family's brand new football jerseys were in there, too. Our 1-yr-old must have thrown a crayon in when he opened it at some point and it was restarted. Now all our KC Chief NFL jerseys have blue stains all over them! I used a combo of Oxy stain remover gel and SHOUT spray. Let it sit all night and put in washer this morning... stains still there.

There IS a remedy for that...follow the washing directions in this link might want to use Tide detergent with Acti-Lift.....

remember to check the dryer for any leftover chunks or marks on the interior'll need to get rid of those, too (try using Magic Eraser and good body

Using Tide's product Tide Stain Release in-wash booster (sold in package of 10 for under $4...also have larger, family packages...Walmart sells cheaper.) for laundry works miracles for stains and keeping clothing fresh and whites come out sparkling white....just toss 1 in washer at start of load. No pre-treating, no measuring.

As for the baby: "kids will be kids"...:o

What are the cheapest neighborhoods to find an apartment in all of NYC?

I don't care if they are dangerous, out of the way, filthy, whatever. I just want to know the Cheapest areas in NYC to find an apartment. Also, if you know the "average" rent in that area, that would be Great!

depends on what is affordable to you.
I live in a tiny 1br in East Harlem (near 110th st stop on 6 line) and I pay $1300/mo. The area is pretty safe but having some street smarts is helpful. You might want to seriously consider New Jersey if that is too much, you can get places near the PATH in Nike Elite NFL Jerseys cheap City for pretty cheap, and it's just a quick ride into lower Manhattan. Check out craigslist to get an idea of prices in different areas.
Personally, I wouldn't go much further into Harlem, maybe up to E116th b/c I'm a young single white girl. There are more and more yuppies moving in to my neighborhood as time goes by tho, so now is really the time to get in before the rents shoot up and it becomes Williamsburg II.

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