Sunday, March 3, 2013

1. LeBron Makes Sure Pain Belongs To Knicks

Lying on the court, with teammates and cameras hovering,cheap jerseysthere was an unusual look on LeBron James' face as he wrapped his hands around his left knee after twisting it under his body in an awkward fall Sunday afternoon.

The James' grimace face is patented by now and, frankly, is sometimes exaggerated for effect. James has done some light acting in his career but his laying the foundation for future fouls has always been better than his "Saturday Night Live" work.

There was no scowl this time. His eyes were wide open and his face was still as he waited to see how his leg reacted to movement and pressure. He has turned his ankle dozens of times and walked them off, one of the benefits of having ankles as thick as the average man's shoulder. But the knee is a danger zone for any athlete and James grasped it unknowingly.

"I was concerned," James said afterward, the knee wrapped in ice. "I'm still concerned."

Earlier on the court, he gingerly got up and cheap jersey shook his leg, as you might a finger after jamming it. He rubbed and tested it.

And then he smothered the New York Knicks for the rest of the day in the Miami Heat's 99-93 victory. It was the Heat's 14th straight win and put them 7½ games up on the Knicks in the Eastern Conference standings. A month ago, they were tied.

"He's like Superman," Chris Bosh said. "We don't expect him ever to get hurt."

"You've ever seen him get hurt?" Carmelo Anthony asked. cheap jerseys nfl"He never gets hurt. We weren't buying that."

It's easy to present a statistical case for why James is playing the best ball of his career. Measurables and historical databases have been getting a daily workout. There has been a stream of numbers generated to illustrate just how well James has been shooting, rebounding and defending this season.

Sunday, though, James showed the true basis for his status as the game's top player. On a day when his stats said he was really just slightly above his standard -- 29 points with 52 percent shooting, 11 rebounds and 7 assists -- he was physically stupefying.

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