Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The 7-Foot-2 Roadblock to Victory

Heading into Tuesday night's Game 4 here against the Indiana NFL Cheap jerseys Pacers—the Knicks' biggest game in more than a decade—there were multiple reasons to be skeptical about this Knicks team.

The biggest is 7-foot-2 and plays for the other team.

The Knicks have plenty of their own problems. They are overly reliant on three-pointers. Cheap jerseys They haven't been getting enough three-point looks. J.R. Smith is in a huge slump. And some players—in a critique apparently aimed at Carmelo Anthony—have suggested the offense is becoming too individualized.

But really, the Knicks' biggest problem is Roy Hibbert, Indiana's tree of a center. They haven't been able to move him away from the basket, where he almost single-handedly has been wrecking the Knicks' offense.

Because of Hibbert, the Knicks—who entered the day cheap nike nfl jerseys in a 2-1 series hole—were taking progressively fewer shots at the rim in each game. They went from 31 close-range shots in Game 1 to 30 in Game 2, then just 24 in Game 3. The Knicks sought to combat this by starting Kenyon Martin in Game 4.

When Hibbert in the game, the Knicks have just done very little. Going into Tuesday, the Knicks had shot a dismal 45.5% (30-for-66) from inside of three feet with Hibbert on the floor, according Nike NFL Trade Houston Texans Jerseys to NBA.com. When Hibbert is on the bench, their success rate from that distance skyrockets to 78.9% (15-for-19).

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